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The Brook Chivell Band hits Tasmania!

The Brook Chivell Band returned from Tasmania on Monday February 24 having made new friends, new fans and great memories. Brook headed down on Thursday night to be ready for an early interview with Ben on radio 99.3’s showThe Brink!

Tom Wolfe and Brook chatted to Ben about the current adventures of music and the band followed by Brook smashing out an acoustic version of TBCB’s soon to be released single ‘Only A Man.’

Then it was off to the airport to pick up the rest of the band members! Tour guide Tom showed off the sights of Friday morning in Hobart!

The first gig was that night – a fundraiser for Deep South Events at the Sandfly hall just out of Hobart. The appreciative crowd was treated to some rockin’ country tunes showcasing the bands own original songs mixed in with some all time favorites. Everyone had a great night and it pumped the band up even more for the two shows still to come.

Saturday started with a 4 hour drive from Hobart to Burnie for a show at The Butter Factory. This was a really cool venue with a great vibe – not to mention great food! From the truly unique club stage, Brook and the band had a chance to show off their fun side and give the crowd exactly what they wanted – a Saturday night party!

After a not-long-enough sleep at the beautifully refurbished Ikon Hotel on Saturday night, Sunday saw the 300+km return drive back to Hobart for their third and final show at the Longley International Hotel. This is a beautiful outdoor ‘beer garden’ type chilled out Sunday session. Many faces from the Friday night crew turned up again to see the TBCB’s third and final Tassie show and they weren’t disappointed. Nice to see our hosts The Wolfe family turn up and support us – of course the fact the weather was perfect and there was alcohol and music may have had something to do with that!!

After the show the guys retired to the Wolfe Brothers farm. Many drinks were consumed, many stories told and much fun was had by all. At midnight it was time to celebrate Anthony’s birthday until the wee hours of the morning and there was no doubt that this was successfully achieved!

All that was left to do was bid farewell on Monday to the fantastic Wolfe Brothers and family/friends and start talking about the next Tasmanian trip for The Brook Chivell Band. With any luck it will all happen in late 2014!