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Brook talks about the new single Drive On

“Drive On is a song that was originally written in 2008. The underlying meaning of the song is realizing that eventually you need to learn from your mistakes but don’t carry that negativity forward with you. Try to move on, wiser and more positive! Whether that means moving on physically, mentally or emotionally. Lyrically its intention is to be an uplifting, inspirational song about a guy recovering from an event that he has been trying to deal with for a long time. I’ve always been drawn to songs that make something good out of something bad. I am by nature a very optimistic person and that type of song really appeals to me.

“Drive On is the song that I gave to people early on to show them what the band is all about. Paul and Dan joined the band partially because of an appreciation for this song in particular. From that original writing session back in 2008 to what is on the album, Drive On has gone though many changes both musically and lyrically and we’re really happy with the final version.

“We picked this song as the first single because it sums up what we think our sound is about. It’s a mixture of country and rock instrumentation, which is a sound I really love and what we as a band have been aiming for. Drive On combines ganjo, mandolin and pedal steel with a rock rhythm section and rock guitars. It brings together our musical inspiration from AC DC to the Eagles to Johnny Cash. We hope it creates the same positive energy for the listener that it does for us when we play it!”

– Brook Chivell, 2011